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Grace and Warren
"It's hard. Very hard, watching the one you love vanish before your very eyes. But... every now and then, a small part of who she once was shines through."

An idea I had some days ago - Grace has Alzheimer's (whatever it'd be called in Azeroth), and Warren tries his best to care for his wife who has lost herself to the disease. They still manage to remain happy together, despite the struggle.
Tooya and Honovi Reading
The Chief often daydreams of a time when he can settle down and be a father to his young calf. The way things are going, that time may very well come and go.
My gentle giant Tahoma. He's a Skyhorn Warbrave, and his fur is smeared with his black warpaint representing VICTORY!
Name: Taylor Williams
Star sign: Capricorn MASTER RACE
Average hours of sleep: Like... seven or three, no in-between!
Lucky Number: Uhhhhhh... 20?
Last thing I googled: "crisp sandwich" because English people are fucking weird and I didn't know what that is >:/
Favorite fictional character: My MOOCOW
What are you wearing now?: Torn-up jeans and no shirt... llllladies *wiggles eyebrows*
When did you start this account?: Idunno, a little over year ago?
Ammount of watchers: 15
What do you post?: Bad drawings
Do you run any more blogs?:  Uhhhh, like... I got a tumblr but I don't go on it, you can tho! I ain't tellin you what it is
Do you get a lot of comments?: Nahhhhhh, you could comment tho ^^
Why did you choose this username?: Dartori was an unused fantasy name I came up with some years ago for an OC, never used it but it sounded cool, soooo... that's me!

Tagging;  (Because new friend \o/)


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Taylor Williams
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
My name is Taylor, but I prefer Alex. I'm 22 years old, and I live in the southern US. Yep, I'm a hillbilly. ^^

I'm not very good, especially when it comes to coloring my art, but hopefully this page will document my journey to becoming an overall better artist! Thank you for taking the time to visit my page/art. ;D

I also need to get into writing again!…


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Happy b-day you boob! <3 xD Dessert Set:  Strawberry Cake Button - Left kawaii cake 
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Thank you :)
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Keep it up. You're growing <3
Dartori Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
<3 Even though we haven't spoken in a long time, y'know you're still an inspiration.
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Thankies for the watch. <3
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(Hi from WoW! I was that Worgen who sent you a whisper about deviantart! c': )
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Oh hey! ^^ Sorry, bad habit I don't check DA as much as I should. ;P Thanks for making me smile ^^
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Ta' for the watch back. ;D
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